Monday, January 04, 2010

Final Acknowledgments

I managed to finish 70 of these before the stroke of midnight on December 31. I'm committed to finishing what I start, so here are the remainder of my 2009 Acknowledgments. I acknowledge myself because I...

71. finished 70 acknowledgments before midnight on the 31st. (hey, this isn't cheating, these are tough)
72. committed to a 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Plan. I'm on my first day today.
73. did all the corporate taxes for Halm Solutions.
74. made a diaper cake for Jojo's shower.

75. made a diaper cake for Bonita.
76. made a diaper cake for Katie.
77. hosted Jojo's baby shower.
78. hosted Katie's baby shower.
79. got a new stainless steel dishwasher.
80. got a new stainless steel oven.
81. manifested a Kitchen-Aid Mixer.
82. went to San Diego for a weekend
83. went on a 40 day gratitude/pleasure immersion diet
84. went to belly dancing several times
85. went on many, many hikes
86. made a point of hanging out with friends while doing physical activities (running, hiking, biking, yoga).
87. ate as much organic foods as possible.
88. ate a raw food diet for several weeks to detox.
89. hosted Rosh Hashanah dinner
90. hosted Easter dinner
91. saw Pink Martini in concert at the Hollywood Bowl (for free).
92. went to high tea at the SLS Hotel and was treated by my best friends.
93. discovered and have been attending a really interesting progressive synagogue with P. and the kids.
94. re-started consistently writing morning pages.
95. rented out our Hills house to pop stars
96. watched more tv than I had in past 10 years combines probably, overdosed, and have since gone back to pre-owning a tv levels (virtually none).
97. made a very tough decision that was very authentic for me.
98. spent the whole year living really authentically (and it felt good!)
99. increased my love for and intimacy with my darling hubby.
100. finished this list!


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