Monday, January 22, 2007


"Progress is what happens when impossibility yields to necessity."
-Arnold J Glasow

There are exciting things happening with the NPI project. The designer I was using before didn't work out for a variety of reasons. That was sad, but I was put in touch with this AMAZING new designer -- Karen Soto-White. She's done design for Cedars-Sinai among lots of other big commercial projects. This project is right up her alley and she's so on the ball. We went to visit the space again on Thursday. She was fired up, I was fired up, Katie Rogers, our feng shui specialist, was fired up. I feel like it's done. YEAH! We could still very much use donations, but I feel like in Karen and Katie's capable hands, the design work is done.

I'm progressing with the reiki as well. I'm teaching my first Reiki I class on February 3 with the aforementioned Katie Rogers. That's also very exciting.

Lastly, the wedding plans are progressing. I booked my flight to Spain for the end of February to check out the space, food, flowers, etc. That will be a fun little trip. The wedding planners are ready to take me around. Yeah! That will be fun. Since my last e-mail we also found the bridesmaids dresses, decided on a photographer, decided on the groom and groomsmen's suits, started planning the rehearsal dinner and the day-after brunch... we're getting there and I'm thrilled. :)

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Monday, January 08, 2007

the latest

"Always, always, always, always, always do what you are afraid to do."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My future mother-in-law checks my blog to see how I'm progressing with the wedding. In the interests of not disappointing her, here's the latest.

I found the dress. Last Thursday night I grabbed my sister and took her to a bridal shop in Torrance. I had been there before and had put 4 dresses "on hold." These were the dresses that I had really liked the first time I went to the shop with my mom. I got there and our helpful bridal consultant, Melissa, got my dresses for me to re-try. Two were definite no-no's. We were debating between the other two (I still wasn't quite sure), when Melissa brought me another dress to try on. My sister had picked up that dress before as a joke. Melissa brought it to me and I said "oh no! That's not me." "Just try it on," she implored. "OK" I had nothing to lose. Well, I put it on and ... hold the phone... I kinda liked this dress. I really kinda liked this dress. My sister starts having a caniption in the corner. Everyone is gasping. That's the dress!!! Well, what do you know? So it was done.

In other news, we put the deposit down for the wedding planner and the venue. We have a date (June 24, 2007) and we have a place (Granada, Spain). It's happening. YES!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I've formed a mastermind group. I formed it with 7 other phenomenal and inspiring women. We had our first meeting yesterday and from that I've already become inspired to move forward in my various goals. Katie and I set a date for our first Reiki I class -- February 3. I've also committed to taking some steps for my mediation career and for the NPI project. I love where I'm moving. Yeah! :)